We Treat Gravel Like Diamond

Since last 25 years, we have crossed expectations for many of our clients by providing precisely cut and accurately processed gravel and sand.

Life cells of your building

Companies make you buy expensive cement making you believe it'll make your building stronger, but think about it, cement is just the binding agent, isn't strength majorly dependent on the materials you use?

Coarse Aggregates

Our coarse aggregates are perfectly cut through our tertiary plant, to create the best bonding in concrete.

ARTificial Sand

This cubical sand is 2x as strong and turns out to be much cheaper that traditional river sand.

Fine Aggregates

Because our fine aggregates are perfectly shaped, they fit so perfectly with the coarse aggregates.


Our sister company PM Pavers makes pavers that last 5 times more and are practically maintenance free.

Why Om Sai?

Our tagline describes our business the best, though we deal with gravel, but we process it and take care of it as if we are selling diamonds. Along with endless quality checks and full hearted after-sales support, our clients love us for 3Qs:

  • Quality

    We’re the first company to get government license for building material standards. We also have our in-house testing labs and we strictly discard any material that’s not as per international standards.

  • Quantity

    Gravel being a natural material, most companies cannot provide large quantities. But don’t worry, ours is a 20+ acre plant with multiple quarries that work 24x7. So you get humongous quantities whenever you need.

  • Quickness

    If getting large quantities is not enough, here’s the good news. With Om Sai, you can get super large orders almost instantly. We have a record of sending out 987 Full Trucks worth of material in a single day.

ARTificial Sand (M.Sand)

Let’s be honest - no matter how good the design of the building is, the finishing of each wall depends on the plaster. We want your construction to be artsy - thus our sand is ARTificial. Let’s look at the endless benefits of our M.Sand


Because our sand is cubical, it gives much more strength compared to rounded river sand.

Time Saving

The stickiness reduces the time taken for plaster and even reduces wastage of mortar.

No Cracks

Because of the reduction in thickness, plaster lasts much longer and doesn’t develop cracks.


The stickiness of our artificial sand makes maximum mortar stick to the wall while plastering.


Because of the ultra-tiny particles of M-Sand, you can reduce the thickness of plaster.

Vastu Friendly

River sand often contains remains of bones which is against vastu/fengshui. M-Sand is purer.

Get to know Om Sai in 90 seconds

We want to save your time – here’s how Om Sai can help you speed up your construction and reduce building costs.


Ready to try our materials?

When you use our materials, you’ll see a big smile shining on your face. Because we aren’t just quality material providers, we’re also good human beings – just like you. Let’s shake hands when you’re ready!

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Clients that trust us

Since we’re government approved company, we have worked with many giant clients including the national government too.

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Please feel free to write to us for inquiries, questions, compliments or complaints. We would love to come down to your office with free samples and some nice gifts. Drop us a hello ☺

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